How to Get a Makeup Artist Job in Nigeria

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When you are looking for a make-up artist job in Nigeria, there are basic steps you need to take to land your dream job. Make-up studios are sprouting up every day as the Nigerian woman’s need to look beautiful is on the increase. So let’s go

  1. Build your portfolio:  the first step in getting a job in the make-up world is to build your gallery of past jobs you have done. This can be done by offering free services to a friend or client. Get a photographer or use your smartphone to snap it then keep it for future reference. Get as many pictures as possible as it is necessary to show your experience. You can open a pinterest page to upload your works. The first few times may not be your best, as they are your first attempts at your life-long dream. If they turn out good, then take photos!
  2.  Update your CV: you can ask your friend or family member who knows how to present your skills to help you organize your resume. Ask an experienced friend or family member to help you.
  3. Research available job offers: Buy papers like CityPeople or other soft sales that has a wide female audience or simply go online and look for companies that are hiring make up artist in your area. You can google keywords like “make-up artist jobs in Lagos” if you stay in Lagos or “latest make-up artist vacancy in Nigeria”. Even if the job has expired you can set an e-mail alert to inform you when another is available. You can also visit as most people post their job openings on our portal
  4. Research beauty directories: Find out which salons, cosmetic stores, fashion outlets etc. exist in your area. For instance if you stay in Port Harourt, you can browse “make-up studios in Port Harcourt or if Abuja, salons in Abuja. Then you can get the list and drop your CV in these places. You can also just visit as they have a pool of businesses that exist in the beauty and fashion industry.
  5. Get a professional business card: Design and print quality complimentary card. These should contain ALL your contact information, and should also be stylish and eye-catching. If you have bland business cards and you are a makeup artist, people aren’t going to think well of your creativity.
  6. Let your friends, neighbours, coworkers, etc., know that you are a makeup artist. If you don’t think it’s too rude, hand them a couple of business cards! This way if they have any friends or family who need a makeup artist, they’ll know exactly who to send them to!
  7. Have a social media presence: Even if you are not ready to build a make-up artist website, you can start a Facebook page where you upload your latest jobs for your friends to see. Remember its free
  8. Read magazines and articles about makeup. Look at how the makeup is applied in Vogue and try to imitate on yourself or friends. It might not turn out good the first couple of times.

When you have done all this, pray to God for that major opportunity that will match your skill set and other requirement. It is God that gives opportunities, so keep hope alive while you trust God for a major break through

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